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We at ParadipOnline, with a team of highly professional staff, welcomes the opportunity to serve you with integrated IT services that are related to the basic needs of those who deal with computers as part of their daily lives. We offer various types of computer services to people living in and around Paradip Port, like computer repair, virus removal, PC up-gradation , Internet Solutions, LAN / WAN solutions, Wi-Fi , software development, Web design and hosting and much more IT related solutions that make you more productive at work.

More than once I have seen in the case of a system does not start or any of these problems, most of the support guys decided to reformat the disk and reinstall all these things, however there are many other methods to solve this problem without having to reformat the disk and lose data files and losing precious time. Windows operating systems comes with several options for the repair and installation of Windows without reformatting the hard disk, either a boot failure or virus attack.

If you use a PC or laptop, you may not see much difference if your disk is formatted or not, but if you work with a server and the server can not boot, then the the gravity come to scene. You can not format your hard drive, unless until it is the only choice you have left with which may cause serious financial damage to your company by putting you in a helpless situation.

What ever your computer problem might be, if you are not sure how to overcome the situation in a professional and more strategic way, Paradip Online stands ahead of the queue. There will be absolutely no sales call pressure or any kind of things to be put on you. Just give us a try you will be never regretted..

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*There will be absolutely no sales call pressure anything like that !