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Bulk SMS Solution


Paradip Online is a leading Bulk/Business SMS messaging service provider offering business sms communication services straight from your internet enable computer. Paradip Online Bulk SMS gateway can be reached to all GSM and CDMA network in India with High Priority and Ultra Priority route. Both promotional and transactional routes are available and even messages delivered to the DND numbers in the transactional routes.

Why Choose Paradip Online Bulk SMS Solutions ?

  • Much of the keenness and usability insights has gone in while developing BusinessSMS web application which is developed using latest and greatest technologies available today.
  • ‘Send SMS’ service automatically conditions your mobile numbers, like filtering out short length numbers, prefixing ’91’ to numbers, removing ‘0’ prefixed to phone numbers, if required. Thus you would be able to mix phone numbers from different source lists, formatted in different way and submitting SMS without much bothring to prefix country code to every number.
  • BusinessSMS provides online contact management, enabling you to send SMS to your contact groups from any computer, even when you are on move.
  • Facility to Import your contact data from Excel Template. And manage Contact Groups.
  • Scheduling Option form Web Application, ActiveX and HTTP API.
  • User has option to set low balance alert level in his profile.
  • Excel based application for sending custom, one to one SMS with clients Name, Date, Amount, etc. inserted in SMS without any development. Most useful for those who wants to send custom SMS without investing on any Software API Integration.
  • State of art, FREE, Excel 2007 Plug In to SMS Enable your every Excel Sheet.
  • Multiple routes and backup routes to provide un-interuptted service to your important applications or campaigns.

Price and Coverage

Paradip Online bulk sms colutions provides All India GSM and CDMA coverage with most competitive rates both on

HIGH Priority and ULTRA HIGH Priority routes.


Quantity Ultra High Priority
1 Year Validity
High Priority
1 Year Validity
Business Plan 10,000 10,000 Rs.0.27 Rs.0.23
Business Plan 25,000 25,000 Rs.0.25 Rs.0.21
Business Plan 50,000 50,000 Rs.0.23 Rs.0.18
Business Plan 1,00,000 1,00,000 Rs.0.19 Rs.0.16

*service taxes as applicable

Send SMS from Excel software

Paradip Online Bulk SMS Excel Plug-In is state of art, Excel 2007 Plug-In, developed using latest technology to SMS enable every Excel Sheet for sending Bulk or Custom SMS. Requires Microsoft .NET Fremework 3.5, if not available on your PC, Setup tries to download and install it from MS Website.

Installation will not create any short cut on Desktop or Start -> Programs Icon. Open Excel 2007 sheet to use Plug-in and go to BusinessSMS Menu.

SMS API for developers

This Section provides information for Software Developers, System Integrators and Webmasters. Users, who wish to send message-using HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) features or develops applications using the SMS Gateway for sending SMS messages. Gateway can be accessed through HTTP protocol by submitting values by GET or POST method. Details can be found here..

Request a demo account

Here you goes. We will credit your demo account 5 SMS which you can test, to know how it works. No hidden charges, no obligatory ! Only you need to register for your Free Demo Account !! Try Now !!! Request-Free-Bulk-SMS-Demo-Now